Sunday, July 16, 2017

Guess who got a VCV! Common world domination cover.

Kika got a new vcv voicebank! I used this UST to work on the oto so I thought it would be fun to upload. I also did a "album art" type of thing for it in inkscape:

Please do not use or repost my art thank you!

reposted song info from the soundcloud link:

Original song here:Click here

UST by Echoblossom123 from here: Click here
I only converted it to vcv.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hello! New stuff!

Hello! Long time no see! I haven't updated this blog in a long time but I hope to change that soon!

I have a personal blog here on blogger and I post wips and art and anything else there. I'm working on some stuff for Kika and I want to post more about this more but I don't want to spoil any surprises!

If you want to see that kind of stuff Click Here! For those of you who are looking for more UTAU related stuff hold tight because I have some stuff in the works!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Currently working on some stuff!

Hi, I know I don't post on here a lot but I'm still active in using UTAU! (I just started college this year and I started a new job this month)

That being said I do have some interesting things planned! I usually don't post unless I have something more tangible to show you but I want to let you all know I'm working on a few new voice banks.

I'm updating Kika-chan and Hiku-chan slowly (with better mics and such) I'm also planning on a vcv bank for Kika-chan and possibly a cvvc English one as well? it really depends on the time I have but I hope to do these eventually.

I'm also planning a model update and design update for everyone's V2 banks. Hiku may be distributed if I can figure out ".oto"-ing better.

(I'm told Kika needs to look less like Miku because they are apparently too similar? I feel it's time for an update anyway even if it's not huge)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Learning to tune?

I recently got a little more into tuning and hopefully I'll get better at it with practice (and maybe a Kika v2 o.o)!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

New WIP to share!

Hi everyone! I've been meaning to get back into UTAU and Vocaloid stuff more so I did a small WIP/ ust test with K-03 Kika, Tsukine Hiku (Kika's first attempt turned into her own character), and my baby sisters UTAUloid ЄĈĦØ. The song is called Catallena and was originally sung by a group called Orange caramel. The .ust can be found in the video here and is amazing! The wip I have posted here is before I've done any tuning of my own so I really love this .ust. (Please ignore the old art! x.x)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The fabled TDA edit is done! Kika has been updated!

She is indeed finished! Well mostly, she has a few very minor things left to fix like adding the second hip loop thing and a few other cosmetic things BUT she is my Kika and I am so happy she ended up looking so cute!
Yes K-03 Kika has been upgraded!

TDA is one of my favorite models (model makers?)!
So yes I am on the TDA bandwagon but I really do love the way this model looks and works! I particularly like the hair & skirt physics and the bones.

I love the LAT edit I have but I'm not very good at using PMD so she won't be finished until I can figure it out a little more. ^_^'  As it is this model, while more up to date with her design than the LAT, is also unfinished. ;__; soon! Why do you hate me PMD!?

Original model is from here and hair from here also hair ties edited by me (Runzi333) from here I guess? (not where I originally downloaded it so I'm not sure, I will double check though!) All editing done by Kika's creator Runzi333. Sorry for the double post here but I wanted to link to where I got my model parts! XD

Sunday, September 21, 2014

UTAU Wiki updated!

Yep I've had a little while to fix it up and I'm glad I did! There is still some character development that needs to be done but so far the page is looking much more professional. I am glad I caught the spelling errors as well. Oops! xD

Find Kika here on the Wiki