Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A quick sneak peek!

Ok so I won't be this active on this blog normally... well maybe... but I really wanted to give everyone who has been looking at my new stuff a quick sneak peek at what I'm currently working on model-wise.

Yes yes I know "omg you're doing TDA too? bleh everyone is bleh bleh" ok? I like TDA's models and they recently became editable! Xp so TDA Kika-chan!

so far I am having a lot of trouble with the bases and hair so I'm not sure how well things will end up going.... and I'll probably get angry at the outfits and stuff later.... WHY IS ALL OF THE FUN STUFF SO HARD FOR ME TO DO!!!??? (I'm really bad at getting programs to do what I want ;__; )

The model is originally by TDA but the bases are by yami sweet on DA.... I'll link to her after I get things to work because as of right now they really aren't working at all. Her hair makes part of the models head mesh stay in place and other irritating things like that. (the other bases eyes don't stay where they are supposed to either.)

So this is sort of where I am right now! Thanks for reading please feel free to comment and if you think you know how to fix some of the issues I have I would love to hear from you!

New TDA K-03 Kika coming soon!


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