Saturday, February 22, 2014

New video soon!! (and updates)

Hi guys!! I'm not dead!

I have a few not too big updates. Firstly I have learned a bit of tuning can go very far! I really loved the .ust's that already had been tuned but never figured out how to do it myself but recently I found amazing people on soundcloud and looked up tuning and have been messing with it a bit. Tuning is really great but sometimes confusing... more tutorials need to be made! (if I ever end up tuning better than I do I will make a tutorial but until then CLICK HERE also HERE)

I did a small update on my current Kika model! She now has her hair disks!
I'll eventually make a page just about the parts in this model and any others.

Thirdly the video!
 I just did a new video that is being processed right now on youtube! I will not say too much about it here but I did a tiny bit of tuning and the tuning on it was great already so it sounds pretty awesome! (except for the "te" sound I messed up and didn't notice until I was almost done) I'll post that really soon!

Ok I'm going to rant about the video on this post instead of the actual post because I want to rant and then be happy about the video! I tried to do Galixias or whatever it's called and I couldn't because I don't have the english stuff recorded and I'm not happy that it is in english at the begining! I don't have the time or energy to convert it to romaji so I gave up and switched to the next one I liked. Also had an entire MMD set ready to be rendered for this MME and all.
I then had trouble with sound files being in something other than hiragana and had to download other voices to find out which sounds I needed to duplicate and rename. After that I tried to tune (not much just pitch stuff). I had problems with part of the .ust repeating itself or something anyway add +2 hours of not knowing what to do about it then fixing it. Add another hour of fighting with MMD and rendering. I then realized I didn't have very good video editing software and thus used movie maker. I hate trying to match up sound and video in movie maker.

A day and a half later I have one not so great video! YAAAY! *sobs*

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