Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The fabled TDA edit is done! Kika has been updated!

She is indeed finished! Well mostly, she has a few very minor things left to fix like adding the second hip loop thing and a few other cosmetic things BUT she is my Kika and I am so happy she ended up looking so cute!
Yes K-03 Kika has been upgraded!

TDA is one of my favorite models (model makers?)!
So yes I am on the TDA bandwagon but I really do love the way this model looks and works! I particularly like the hair & skirt physics and the bones.

I love the LAT edit I have but I'm not very good at using PMD so she won't be finished until I can figure it out a little more. ^_^'  As it is this model, while more up to date with her design than the LAT, is also unfinished. ;__; soon! Why do you hate me PMD!?

Original model is from here and hair from here also hair ties edited by me (Runzi333) from here I guess? (not where I originally downloaded it so I'm not sure, I will double check though!) All editing done by Kika's creator Runzi333. Sorry for the double post here but I wanted to link to where I got my model parts! XD

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