Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Currently working on some stuff!

Hi, I know I don't post on here a lot but I'm still active in using UTAU! (I just started college this year and I started a new job this month)

That being said I do have some interesting things planned! I usually don't post unless I have something more tangible to show you but I want to let you all know I'm working on a few new voice banks.

I'm updating Kika-chan and Hiku-chan slowly (with better mics and such) I'm also planning on a vcv bank for Kika-chan and possibly a cvvc English one as well? it really depends on the time I have but I hope to do these eventually.

I'm also planning a model update and design update for everyone's V2 banks. Hiku may be distributed if I can figure out ".oto"-ing better.

(I'm told Kika needs to look less like Miku because they are apparently too similar? I feel it's time for an update anyway even if it's not huge)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Learning to tune?

I recently got a little more into tuning and hopefully I'll get better at it with practice (and maybe a Kika v2 o.o)!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

New WIP to share!

Hi everyone! I've been meaning to get back into UTAU and Vocaloid stuff more so I did a small WIP/ ust test with K-03 Kika, Tsukine Hiku (Kika's first attempt turned into her own character), and my baby sisters UTAUloid ЄĈĦØ. The song is called Catallena and was originally sung by a group called Orange caramel. The .ust can be found in the video here and is amazing! The wip I have posted here is before I've done any tuning of my own so I really love this .ust. (Please ignore the old art! x.x)