Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kika's v2 design is here! (mostly)

Kika has a new voice and I wanted to update her design to go with it! This may not be completely final, design wise, but I wanted something more up to date and in my current skill level in art. There is a lot to improve but I think there is a lot of improvement as well.

I'd gotten a lot of complaints over the years about her being too similar to Hatsune Miku so I hope this changes that for those who took issue. Kika is in some ways a tribute to Miku because Miku means so much to me but Kika is also her own entity and shouldn't be considered a Miku recolor or clone.

With this new art I've also added a page to this blog that links to her other social media pages!

More info about this drawing on the artwork's deviant art page but as always please do not use or re-post my artwork. Thank you!

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